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ICT Essentials Suite

The ICT Essentials Suite is a 10-course digital technologies program offering an affordable district-wide solution for digital literacy.

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Latest News

General Dynamics Information Technology Seeking a CIW Certified, Web Technical Administrator



Provide operations, management, administration, and development support for the 2nd Regional Cyber Center (2RCC) NIPR and SIPR Portal which consist of Red HatR Enterprise, Linux OS, Apache web servers, Oracle Solaris 10 UNIX OS WebLogic application... [ Read More ]


American Public University System

"We chose CIW since their course materials and assessments are well reputed in the industry for establishing and assessing core IT competencies. As a leading industry-standard certification, CIW is a high-value proposition for our students."

-Daniel Benjamin, IT Dept. Chair, APUS
Kaplan University

"CIW is a global leader in Web certifications. We adopted their certification standards into our curriculum to provide students with skills needed for a career in IT."

-Jean Kotsiovos, Assistant Dean of Curriculum, School of Information Systems and Technology, Kaplan University

CIW Success Stories

Axa Logo

Jonathan King

Senior eCommerce Business Analyst

Axa UK

"Before gaining CIW certification, I had a dead-end job," says Jonathan King. "However, after gaining certification I was offered the first Web developer job that I applied for. Ten years on and I now earn over three times as much annually than my previous non-career based job!"

Clarence Fitzroy Bryant Tertiary College Logo

Janelle Mason

System Administrator / Web Developer

Clarence Fitzroy Bryant Tertiary College

Janelle Mason was able to start her own business after earning CIW certifications in Web Foundations, Web Design, E-Commerce and Database Design. "CIW enhanced my skills in Web design and development," she says. "CIW courses are great for anyone who wants to develop dynamic, interactive Web sites. If you are thinking of building your skills to start your own career, CIW courses are definitely the way to begin! CIW makes dreams come true."

Raytheon Logo

Alan Yoshida



Alan Yoshida earned his CIW Web Associate certification, along with other professional certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, Citrix and Cisco. He now works in Networking for Raytheon, a major U.S. defense contractor. "Obtaining the CIW certification helped me advance my career," he says. "And adding multiple certifications from various vendors showed potential employers that I have the ability to be agile." CIW provides a vendor-neutral technology foundation that you can build upon with specific product knowledge for success across entire networks of any size.

Sony Music Logo

Owen Giles

Web Developer

Sony Music Entertainment UK Ltd

Owen Giles was looking for a career change when he took the CIW Web Foundations courses. He now works as a Web Developer for Sony Music. "CIW gave me an interest in Web design, which led me into programming specifics and Java development," he says. "CIW taught me the Web design fundamentals from which I could build more specific skill sets." CIW gives you the foundational knowledge that is useful in any job, and guides you to the advanced skills you need for more defined career paths.

National Education Network Logo

Muhammed Alkhateeb

Senior Web Designer

National Education Network

"I didn't know a thing really about Web technology, but after 6 months I was able to design Web pages," says Muhammad Alkhateeb, who now works as Senior Web designer for the National Education Network in Cairo. "I learned great skills in Web design, development, planning and management through my CIW courses," he says. "I found the course materials excellent, and I am continuing to enjoy learning even more skills through my studying. Even my friends and parents have remarked how impressed they are with my achievements to date, which makes me feel great! Thank you, CIW!"

Old Dominion University Logo

Andrew Edwards

Web Communication Specialist

Old Dominion University

"CIW helped me get promoted," says Andrew Edwards, who now works as a Web Communications Specialist. "The CIW Site Development Associate certification helped me become more confident in my coding and design skills, and allowed me to work full time in a field that I love." Andrew recommends CIW training for more high school students. "Get them started early, and help them understand that they don't necessarily need to attend a four-year college to find a good career," he says.