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The New CIW Web Foundations Associate Standard:
Teaching Tomorrow's Technology Experts Today

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Interested in learning how to build the Facebook of the future? The CIW Web Foundations Associate certification is your gateway to the Internet. If you're CIW Associate-certified, you know more than how to use the Internet and the Web. With CIW, you have foundational knowledge that empowers you to evolve along with the Internet. This is the CIW difference.

Now I'd like to tell you about the updates we're making to our CIW Web Foundations Associate certification series, the worldwide education standard that helps turn Web consumers into producers.

This time around, we're doing more than a simple remodel of this series. We're making foundational changes to each of its exams and courses. Why? Because businesses have radically changed how they use Internet and Web technologies in the past 18 months. Naturally, we're going to make sure that CIW reflects these changes. But we do even more than that with CIW, as you'll see.

First, however, let's talk about specific changes we're making.

New Skills for a Reigning Standard

If you don't already know, the CIW Web Foundations Associate standard is composed of three separate courses and certifications:

  • Internet Business Associate
  • Site Development Associate
  • Network Technology Associate

You can learn about the topics already included in this standard by visiting our CIW Web Foundations Series page and linking to the individual titles.

New to Internet Business Associate
Topics we're adding to the first certification and course of the series, Internet Business Associate (IBA), include:

  • Cloud computing and its impact on you and your business.
  • Communicating using today's mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.
  • Wise use of social media in your career.
  • Securing your information and identity online.

No other training program focuses on how businesses use the Internet and social media better than Internet Business Associate.

New to Site Development Associate
The Site Development Associate (SDA) certification and course now sports in-depth labs on:

  • Developing pages with the “technology trifecta” of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Tying your Web presence to social media services.
  • Beginning study of social media analytics.
  • Designing for mobile devices.
  • Creating and editing video.

As you can see, we've made Site Development Associate into an HTML5 program.

New to Network Technology Associate
The third course and certification in the series, Network Technology Associate (NTA), now includes:

  • An overview of virtualization.
  • An investigation of service-based models, such as Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • A look at the impact of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).
  • An overview of big data and analytics.
  • A guide to networking with mobile devices.

If you're looking for the ideal introduction to the underlying technologies that make the Internet and the Web possible, look no further than Network Technology Associate.

21st-Century Content

We haven't stopped with simply making additions to CIW Web Foundations Associate. We're also:

  • Removing information about outdated technologies.
  • Rearranging lessons.
  • Redesigning topics.

This way, students spend less time on arcane theory and more time completing applied hands-on labs. You're going to see a much more svelte and exciting certification standard that teaches how to properly use 21st-century technologies.

We're updating CIW Web Foundations Associate content so that it focuses on the knowledge and skills that businesses require in today's employees. No other program does this. Programs that introduce office suites and yesterday's idea of getting online, certifications that teach you how to fix old-fashioned hardware, and programs that hype a vendor's software — they all miss the mark.

21st-Century Delivery

In addition, we're doing more than updating our content to introduce 21st-century skills. We've also greatly enhanced how we deliver this information to you. How? By creating a unique set of CIW Online tools that allow learners of all types to quickly achieve skill mastery.

For you hands-on learners, we have LiveLabs to give you the practical experience and troubleshooting expertise that has set apart CIW-certified people for over a decade. LiveLabs also give students the opportunity to use cloud services, which our courseware now discusses, so they can practice what we teach.

Our CIW Course Mastery tool, powered by Knowledge Factor's amplifire engine, is far superior to the assessment engines typically provided by publishers. We provide a unique learning platform that gives you a feedback loop during assessment. By asking you to self-assess your level of confidence as you give an answer to a question, CIW Course Mastery helps you learn concepts while you are being assessed.

For those of you who are more visual and auditory learners, we've included video clips to help teach you essential concepts. Of course, we still include our industry-leading drag-and-drop, flashcard and matching exercises. And when you're ready, we also offer our CIW Practice Exams engine, which simulates the high-stakes certification exams you'll take to become CIW-certified.

Here It Comes…

As you can see, we're updating the entire CIW Web Foundations Associate standard, including the courses and the certification exams. New courseware will be available in August 2012. All CIW Foundations exams will be updated to the new 1D0-610 series by December 2012, just in time for people taking the courses to prove that they've truly learned what they've been taught.

For those of you who are studying for the existing exams and courses, don't worry. We'll be making the existing courseware and exams (1D0-510 series) available through June 2013. We've got you covered.

As always, you can take the CIW Web Foundations Associate certification exams individually or all in one exam. It's your choice.

I invite you to learn more about our coming revisions. For more information about your options, check out our CIW certification roadmap. To become part of CIW's teaching network or to talk with someone about CIW, contact our account representatives. Or give me a call. I'll be happy to help you learn more about CIW and the skills we teach.

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James Stanger, Ph.D.
President, and Chief Certification Architect
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