CIW Self-Study Program

CIW Self-study program

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Today's professionals strive to perform competitively in a global IT culture by staying current with related skills and trends. CIW self-study materials are a popular solution for those who need to budget their time and expenses as they build new skills and knowledge. While most CIW self-study students are educated, working IT professionals pursuing professional development and career advancement, other CIW self-study students are pursuing CIW Certifications in order to launch a career in Information Technology. Whether you are a current IT professional or you are looking to begin an IT career, CIW self-study is great way to go.

CIW self-study is 100% online. You can study and learn at your pace, on your time. Each CIW Self-Study Kit includes everything you need to learn, practice, and prepare for your CIW certification exam. For more information about all the benefits of becoming a CIW self-study student, please go to CIW Career Academy to learn more.

Each CIW Self-Study kit includes:

  • Coursebook - The CIW coursebook is for self-study training and will provide you with all the knowledge you will need for your high-stakes CIW certification exam. Along with comprehensive instructional text and objectives checklists, the coursebook provides easy-to-follow hands-on labs and a glossary of course-specific terms. The coursebook is available in the U.S. in electronic or hard copy version. International self-study students receive the electronic online version of the coursebook. Both versions of the coursebook include all the online resources listed below.
  • CIW Online Resources - The CIW online resources include:
    • CIW Exam Study Guide - The exam study guide provides condensed study material on the specific skills objectives you need to master for the exam.
    • CIW Virtual Labs - Virtual labs are designed to teach, in an engaging manner, about the most important, cutting-edge concepts.The labs are easy to use and provide hands-on experience in one easy-to-access location.
    • CIW Movie Clips - Movie clips provide supplementary instruction in a multimedia format, and enhance the CIW coursebook narrative and labs.
    • CIW Course Mastery - Course Mastery is an online tool that delivers CIW course review questions. This tool is based on research in learning and memory, and it reduces training time and boosts retention of material in the learner's memory to provide 100-percent mastery of all content.
    • CIW Lesson Quizzes - Lesson quizzes are composed of 20 randomly selected questions drawn from the pool of Course Mastery questions. They are in the Test Portal engine and act and feel like a Practice Exam, but are based on the lesson content instead of the exam objectives.
    • CIW Online Exercises - Online Exercises review knowledge of the topics presented in the course and help reinforce learning. The Exercises are presented in a variety of formats including flash cards, matching exercises, true-false questions, crossword puzzles and fill-in-the-blank exercises.
    • CIW Practice Exams - Web-based CIW practice exams provide a personalized study plan to help focus your study and determine skills mastery as you prepare to take a CIW certification exam. Practice Exams feature multiple study modes for adaptive learning, personalized study plans and progress reports, study questions, reference tools, and simulations of actual testing processes.
  • CIW Certification Exam Vouchers - When you're ready to take your high-stakes CIW certification exam, simply contact the Pearson VUE testing center near you to schedule it. Take your voucher with you to sit for your exam — it's already paid for. If you haven’t purchased your exam voucher, just head over to the CIW store and pick one up. Once you have your voucher, you can then find your nearest VUE Testing Center.
  • Innovative Exams Testing Service Provides Self-Study Certification Candidates with Expanded Options - In addition to Pearson VUE testing centers, CIW certification candidates also have exam testing options through Innovative Exams, which provides online testing services through remotely proctored exam administration. The Web Foundations series of certification exams, as well as the Web Design Specialist certification exam are now available through Innovative Exams kiosks. The testing kiosks are located in testing centers, schools and corporate offices worldwide and are specifically designed for unique testing environments. Innovative Exams offers certification candidates a convenient and secure way to complete certification. To schedule an exam, visit For additional information, contact Innovative Exams, LLC at +1 888-504-9178 U.S. toll-free, or +1 312-612-1049 (

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