The CIW Social Media Strategist is Now Available!

The CIW Social Media Strategist is Now Available!

CIW is committed to a vision of preparing students and professionals for the growing web and mobile design environment. In this high demand field, CIW certifications ensure that certification holders possess the technological edge needed for success in today’s technology driven world.

CIW Social Media Strategist is the fourth certification course in the CIW Web and Mobile Design series. This course focuses on the use of social media in business. The course teaches individuals how to create a social media campaign, and how to analyze and present data in order to address organizational issues and make appropriate business decisions.

This course teaches the foundations of social media technologies, communication methods, and how to engage consumers using various tools. You will learn how social media is used in a business setting, and how to use social media to boost brand recognition and achieve organizational goals.

You will also learn how to build social media strategies and tactics, build and manage campaigns, and develop social media content. You will learn about major social media platforms, when and how to utilize each platform correctly in business to achieve organizational goals, and social media strategies. This course will teach how to plan, develop, promote, deliver, present, and analyze social media activities. You will learn about how risks, reputation, crisis response, advertising and promoting are managed and maintained. This course will also teach you how metrics, analytics, reporting and social media optimization drive business goals and strategies.

The CIW Social Media Strategist certification course is divided into 10 lessons. They include:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Social Media
  • Lesson 2: Using Social Media in Business
  • Lesson 3: Developing a Social Media Strategy
  • Lesson 4: Creating a Social Media Campaign
  • Lesson 5: Social Media Platforms
  • Lesson 6: Presentations and Business Blogs
  • Lesson 7: Risk, Reputation, and Crisis Response
  • Lesson 8: Social Media Advertising
  • Lesson 9: Social Media Metric and Analytics
  • Lesson 10: Reports and Optimization

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Please feel free to contact me or your local CIW sales representative if you have any questions regarding the CIW Social Media Strategist certification or any other certification course in the new CIW Web and Mobile Design series.

Dee Pinkston
Vice President of Marketing

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