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For more than a decade, CIW has helped students and professionals begin and advance their careers with job-skills education and certification. And we don’t stop there. Here you can find a variety of resources to help you take the next steps after certification. Whether you want to find a new job or shine brighter at the one you have, CIW can help.

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Current Job Postings Requesting CIW Certifications

Web Master
Moy Media
Web Master
Web Software Developer
STG, Inc.
Web Software Developer
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Certifications & Prospective Job Roles - Match our certifications to your desired career job role.
Résumé Suggestions - Learn ways to pump up your résumé by highlighting your new skills.
Letter to Employer - Employer hasn't heard of CIW yet? We can introduce it for you. This letter can accompany a job application, interview or request for a raise to help you convey the value of your CIW certification.

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