CIW Web Security Specialist

Safe With Password

The CIW Web Security Associate certification exam assesses how to secure your network from unauthorized activity. This exam also assesses your knowledge of security principles, such as establishing an effective security policy, and about the different types of hacker activities that you are most likely to encounter. Individuals with these security skills can pursue or advance careers in many aspects of online and network security.

The CIW Web Security Associate course* prepares candidates to take the CIW Web Security Associate exam.

*The courseware is not required to sit for the certification exam.

Candidates who also pass ONE of the following certification exams from third-party security training providers earn the foundational CIW Web Security Specialist certification: view list

Average Salary - $98,640 for Web Security Specialist

The 2015 annual mean salary of an IT professional who has been awarded the CIW Web Security Specialist certification is $98,640. This salary was calculated based on the 14,000+ IT professionals who responded to the 2016 IT Skills and Salary survey that was conducted by Global Knowledge in September of 2015.

Target Audience

  • Network server administrators
  • Firewall administrators
  • Systems administrators
  • Application developers
  • IT security officers

Skills Assessed

  • Corporate network security policies
  • Authentication procedures, encryption standards and implementations
  • Ports and protocols that hackers manipulate
  • Proactive detection and response/reporting methods
  • Preventing and managing hacker penetration

Click here to view third party list.

State Approvals

The Florida Department of Education has approved the CIW JavaScript Specialist certification on the 2022-23 CAPE Industry Certification Funding List.

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