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Entering in the IT field can be difficult without the right skills and the right connections. Students or self-study individuals that complete a CIW certification will get access to our at-large company. They will have access to downloadable materials including certifications, badges, endorsement letters for employers, access to job connections, industry resources and news.

We understand that hiring and employee turnover can be a costly process. At Certification Partners, we are building bridges between talent and industry. We want to see our certified individuals make an impact in the industry and provide companies with the opportunity to hire from our community of certified IT professionals. That is we are focusing on expanding our customer success offerings in 2023 to help CIW Certified individuals connect with employers, job opportunities, and other CIW Certification holders, and stay connected with what the company is doing.

Content partners offer expertise and guidance to provide the best and most relevant curriculum for our Development Team.

Community partners allow us to give back whenever opportunities arise. We’re always looking for ways to spread the word about what we do and partner with the community.


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