Imagine giving your students the opportunity to graduate with a degree and a series of industry certifications.

The talent tech gap is widening globally. There are more tech jobs than qualified professionals to fill these jobs. 
You can help build the future talent pipeline and equip tomorrow’s leaders today. Certification Partners has created courses and credentials with students in mind. Easy to navigate learning management systems, interactive labs, downloadable resources help you bring department of education aligned courses and credentials into your classroom.
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See what option is right for your classroom. 

Certification Partners has two credentialing products: CIW and ICT


How does a course map to my state's requirements for my class?

Our CIW and ICT credentials are approved in many states and align well with many state standards. Our team would be happy to provide a course mapping. Please reach out to our Customer Service team or Account Representative for more information.

Does the Learning Management System talk to our grading system?

Our Learning Management System integrates with many grading systems and online platforms that schools use. Please contact our Customer Service team or Account Representative for more information.

Can I customize the Learning Management System to meet special needs accommodations?

Our Learning Management System (LMS) can be customized. Courses and labs are ADA compliant. They offer easy accessibility with features such as text-to-speech, interactive videos, interactive transcripts, keyboard shortcuts, and customizable page view, font, size, and color of the course content. Reach out to our Customer Service team for more information. 

How will this certification benefit my students?

A vendor-specific certification validates an individual’s skills and knowledge in using one or more particular products. Such a certification limits skills validation to that product and/or vendor. The CIW and ICT programs are vendor-neutral, meaning that the programs focus on the essential skills needed to perform job roles rather than simply use specific products.

Does this certification correlate to college credit?

Some states do allow for college credit for students that have a CIW certification. However, this various by state and university. Please reach out to our Customer Service team to find out if your specific university gives college credit.

Is this certification meaningful on a young person's resume?

Yes, you can cite any current or past CIW certification on your résumé. CIW certifications reflect an uncommon level of professionalism and technical skill and represent a significant personal achievement. Taking new versions of exams and earning the latest version of each certification demonstrates to the job marketplace your current skills, your commitment to evolving technologies and your initiative.

How well-known are the certifications?

CIW has become the educational standard adopted by academic institutions, governments and businesses worldwide for Web technology skills. What sets CIW apart is the industry recognition. Just to name a few, corporations such as Cisco, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, HP, BAE Systems, Citibank and even the U.S. National Security Administration recognize and request CIW certifications in their current job postings for available IT positions.

Does the certification have international interest?

There are a number of countries that recognize CIW Certifications. Please consult with our Customer Service team for more information.

How do the certifications compare to Certiport and CompTIA? What differentiates them?


How do I quickly learn who my account representative is and how to get a hold of them?

Your account representative will reach out to you as soon as you fill out a contact form or request more information with our Customer Service team. 

I would want to know about the proctoring process and whether I could proctor my students in my classroom or through virtual machines that I monitor.

Remote proctoring lets you take CIW and ICT exams from the comfort of your own home, office, or computer lab. This option requires a quiet location, an active webcam and stable high speed Internet connection. A live proctor will visually monitor you and your exam during the entire testing session.

In-person testing is an alternative for those who do not have a suitable environment for remote proctoring. We partner with over 1200 testing centers in 160 countries around the world.


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