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What are you going to do now that you received your CIW certification?

Here are some options:

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When do I receive my certification certificate?
After taking a CIW exam, your exam result data is automatically sent to the CIW Candidate Information Center within 24 hours. An automated e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address on record for you, confirming that your result has imported successfully. If you have passed a CIW exam, certification will be automatically awarded.
What is the CIW Community Membership?
The official CIW Community Membership program is designed to be an educational and professional networking forum for discussion, idea discovery, professional growth, product support, and a place to bridge employers and potential employees. Group members are encouraged to network with fellow members regarding CIW certifications, technology, news, trends, job postings, or any applicable CIWrelated topic.  
How can I connect with company looking to hire?
Join our LinkedIn group here:
We frequently post job opportunities from some of our placement partners. You can also reach out to our Business Relations team to get connected.
How can I share my story about my CIW journey with others?
We would love to hear your story and any feedback you might have. Reach out to our Customer Service Team. We will schedule a time to connect with our Marketing team to capture your story.

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