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You are the future of the Tech industry. We want to help prepare you so that you can excel in your career.
Today’s professionals strive to perform competitively in a global IT culture by staying current with related skills and trends. Launch a career in Information Technology. Whether you are a current IT professional or you are looking to begin an IT career, Certification Partners is great way to go.
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Check out which credential is the right starting place for you.


How current is the certification? Does it reflect modern skills?
We respond directly to technology advances and market demand for updated skills. The Certification Partners Advisory Board— a team of influential educators, corporations, policymakers and nonprofit organizations — meets regularly to identify the skills and knowledge that students and employees need in the current job market. The Advisory Board then helps to define new skills and exam objectives for CIW and ICT. Those objectives become the roadmap for developing or updating our credentials.
Are the credentials recognized in Europe if I study abroad?
There are a number of countries that recognize CIW Certifications. Please consult with our Customer Service team for more information.
What is the progression of skills that I should learn for a career path?
Great question! Check out the CIW RoadMap to learn more about the certification pathways you can take.
What success stories are available?
You can check out all of our social media platforms for success stories.
What colleges offer these certifications?
We have partnerships with many educational institutions across the US and overseas. Please reach out to our Customer Service team for more information.
How long are the certifications valid?
CIW certifications do not expire. Once CIW certified, always CIW certified. However, the CIW skills objectives and certification exams are revised periodically when the industry dictates that updates are needed. CIW strongly encourages candidates to update their certification status by taking new versions of exams and earning the latest version of each certification, in order to demonstrate their current skills to the job marketplace.

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