Exam Security Policy

CIW exams are administered under secure, remote services through our authorized service providers. 

The CIW program does not release exam questions or answers to exam questions. This is a standard procedure for high-stakes certification exams to maintain the value of the certification. All CIW exam items are copyrighted. To maintain the security and value of our program, we reserve the right to decertify and /or bar from examinations any individuals who republish or distribute our copyrighted certification exam materials without permission.
Formal training is not a requirement for CIW certification. CIW recommends using Official CIW Curriculum and preparation tools, including our online Practice Exams. See the CIW Store for more details, or ask your preferred training provider. Regardless, candidates are free to pursue any form and source of training and test preparation that suits their needs. However, candidates who are discovered to have used “braindump” sites may be decertified. Braindumps are collections of exam items that have been stolen from high-stakes certification exams. There are several international organizations that steal, publish, distribute and sell these items illegally, under thousands of different organization names and Internet domains. Using these products is a violation of the CIW Certification Agreement, and is grounds for decertification. If you are considering a practice test tool and are not sure of the legitimacy of the site, you can check it using CertGuard’s free search tool at http://www.certguard.com/search.asp.

Exam Retake Policy

The CIW Exam Retake Policy outlines the conditions under which a candidate may retake a CIW exam that he or she has taken and not passed. A waiting period between retakes of a single certification exam maintains the security of the exam and strengthens the value of the CIW certification. Each CIW exam is defined by a unique exam ID (e.g., 1D0-610). A retake is any subsequent sitting of an exam with the same CIW exam ID by the same candidate at any authorized testing center.


In the event that a candidate passes a CIW exam, the candidate will not be allowed to retake that CIW exam. If the CIW exam objectives change, the exam ID changes to reflect the new exam version. Candidates who have passed an exam may sit a newer version of the exam that may have the same title but a different ID number.



If a candidate fails a CIW exam, they are required to wait at least 30 days before attempting the exam again.  There is no limit on the number of attempts a candidate may make on an exam, so long as the 30 day wait period is observed. Exams administered in any ways that do not comply with the CIW Exam Retake Policy shall be considered invalid and ineligible for a refund.

Exceptions to the standard retake wait periods are available to select educational institutions who must comply with time-sensitive reporting cycles. Contact your account manager for more information.
Exams administered in any ways that do not comply with the CIW Exam Retake Policy may be considered invalid for certification and ineligible for a refund.
If a candidate has violated this Exam Retake Policy, the candidate may be deemed ineligible to register for or schedule any CIW exam for a minimum period of twelve (12) months from the date of such determination.
In addition, any candidate determined to have violated the CIW Exam Retake Policy may be subject to any or all of the following:

Credit Card Fraud

Candidates (or other organizations operating on behalf of potential CIW certification candidates) who purchase exams or vouchers to take exams through credit card fraud are subject to decertification. Certification Partners, LLC, and its partners invest significant resources in the development of high-stakes certification exams and official CIW curriculum. We will not tolerate the theft of exam services that were purchased using stolen credit cards or any other fraudulent means.
Candidates are advised not to attempt to obtain exam vouchers or purchase exam attempts through any fraudulent means, including but not limited to presenting false identity or paying exam fees using stolen credit cards. Exams taken by fraudulent means will be disallowed and will be removed from the certification record. Any certification discovered to have been awarded as a result of a passing score on a fraudulently obtained exam will be revoked and the candidate will be subsequently decertified. Candidates taking exams obtained through fraudulent means may be prohibited from future participation in CIW programs for any period of time as determined by Certification Partners, LLC.

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